Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tadoba Andhari

We were a bit late arriving for coffee and had to take mine in a disposable cup which I drank while waiting for the gate to open.

We entered right on schedule with Sanjay as our forest guide, yet another knowledgeable and pleasant person. It is not as cool this morning but still rather pleasant.

Our first sighting today was a group of wild boars, followed by deer, sambar, peacocks, and variety of water birds.

Then appeared a changeable hawk eagle.

At one point we thought we saw a tiger walk along the roadside but it turned out be a wild boar.

We saw fresh pug marks of both a male and female tiger. We looked for the female but no luck and the speculation was that male was going to the waterhole, so headed there and waited together with the others, about 15 or so vehicles.

In about an hour the male emerged on the other side of the waterhole and started to walk regally towards the water. We heard it roar but pretty soon it sat down in the water and we couldn't see it any more.

This was Leopard face, the male tiger we saw on the first day but couldn't get a picture due to the huge number of cars in my way. I did manage to get a video clip
of it this time.

We waited around but he had no intention of reappearing so we reluctantly headed back to resort.

After lunch we left for the afternoon safari and our field guide was Shyam rao, the same person from yesterday.

When it was almost time for us to leave we got word that the tigress P2 was sleeping on the roaf at the fire break. We quickly hurried there and sure enough there she was sleeping smack in the center of the road without caring about all the vehicles stopped to get a glimpse of her.

She soon woke off yawned a couple if times and sauntered off into the thicket on the side. I was fortunate enough to capture most of it on video from three cars behind.

All four evenings we were at the exit gate around sunset.

Dinner was Moglai style, and quite good.

The video was the documentary that was shown the first evening, this was great since it gave us an opportunity to take our time and watch it in its entirety.

Location:Svasara Lodge.

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  1. Oh, disappointing not to get a photo, but great that you saw and heard him!