Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tadoba - Nagpur - Delhi

This is our last game drive here, we followed the same routine and entered the forest at 6:30 AM.

There were pug marks of both a male and a female tiger near the village but no sightings.

The forest seems have less wildlife visible this morning. It being a Sunday there were many more vehicular traffic

We ate our breakfast while waiting by a waterhole and then proceeded on to a new part. We had alarm call from a deer loud and close by, stopped by the roadside and waited for a bit. The calls stopped after sometime.

We proceeded on and stopped at another location, no alarm calls there.

We then proceeded on towards the exit and saw some birds on the way but nothing new.

We did see some birds that hubby was pleased about like the Green bee eater and the Asian brown back fly catcher.

Learnt an interesting bit of history - the local Gond king about 400 years back, was notorious for losing his way around the jungle, so he built a series of pillars that he could follow to lead him out of the jungle.

The pillars still stand intact today and are often used for informative posters and such.

Arrived back at the resort a bit early, which was good since we needed to get cleaned up, finish packing, have lunch and be ready to leave for Nagpur for our flight to Delhi.

We said our byes to the group and proceeded on our way.

It is hard to leave this place, everything was perfect and we really enjoyed our stay here. Nandita, Ranjit, and Chirag were a perfect team and the the staff extremely helpful. We will be happy to recommend this resort to anyone interested in wildlife.

The drive to the airport took about 3 hours. We were all checked in and went through security in about half an hour.

The flight arrived on time, 10:00 PM. Gaurav came to pick us up and take us to hotel Frazer where we will be spending the night.

We found out from Ajit, the driver who will be taking us to Corbett that the drive is 6 hours, much further than we thought. Hence yet another early morning start.

Location:Fraser Hotel - New Delhi

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