Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Corvette National Park

We are going to the Dhela gate this morning, which is the farthest away from our resort, and needed to get an early start and be prepared for the chilly drive. The resort brought toast and coffee to our room.

Harish came with Gypsy all enclosed and the resort provided us with shawls and hot water bottles. The drive was long but turned out to be quite cozy and much more comfortable than last night's drive back 

The resort packed sandwiches, boiled eggs, fruit, and juice to take with us.

We picked up our assigned forest guide Dindayal from the entrance and proceeded into the forest. The forest here is neither as lush or as beautiful as the Birjani sector.

Pretty soon we heard alarm calls from langurs and sambar, we sat quietly and a herd of chittal came running out in a panic. Soon we heard the low throated growl that is so typical of a male tiger. We heard the growling a couple more times and a very large male tiger jumped out of the bushes from the side about 100 meters ahead of us, paused for a fraction of a second in the middle of the road and jumped into the shrubbery on the other side of the road. A picture perfect Nat Geo setup, and a once in a life time experience.

The area where we spotted the tiger is the Jhirna Zone.

As we left the area we saw a oriental pied greater hornbill, a beautiful bird and a sight to see.

One of the other highlights was a herd of elephants with calves which came up to the road and cautioned us to stay away.

We started on our way back to the resort shortly after, our guide was all excited and went in to announce our tiger sighting. Apparently even though there are a lot of tigers in Corbett, they are rather hard to see.

We were given a royal welcome with the resort staff asking us all kinds of questions. They wanted to see pictures, fortunately hubby was able to quickly find the shots that he took.

Shortly after, our names were on the board as having sighted a tiger.

We freshened up and made our way to the restaurant for lunch.

The lunch was excellent as yesterday, their made to order lachhi paratha is definitely one of the best I have had.

The afternoon safari was with Dindayal as forest guide as well and was at the Bijrani sector as yesterday. The highlight of the trip was a group of 3 (one male and 2 female) Kalij Pheasants.

Back to the resort for freshening up with coffee and cookies, relaxing, and going in for another great dinner.

Had another good night's rest.

Location:Riverview Resort

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