Friday, February 14, 2014

Corvette - Delhi - Kolkata

Left the resort at 7:30 am after a eggs and toast breakfast in our room. They also packed us a lunch including Kathi paratha amongst a couple of other items.

We were given a certificate verifying our tiger sighting.

This Riverview resort is an excellent place, the staff is extremely pleasant and ever helpful, highly recommended if visiting Corbett.

The return trip took us exactly 6 hours including picking up Gaurav from in front of India Gate.

He accompanied us to the airport, handed us our boarding passes, showing that we had prepaid for 5 kg of extra luggage. The standard allowed is 15 kg per ticket.

We were on Indigo flight # 6E 203. We went through luggage check in and security and soon boarded our flight, which was Airbus 320, seats 4E 4F.

The flight was basically smooth and landed slightly ahead of schedule around 7:30 PM. We landed at terminal 1, there was no sign of my brother. I finally called him and it turned out he was standing in front of terminal 3, why does this not surprise me!!!

We arrived at my ancestral home without any incident and was welcomed by my sister in law with her warm hospitality and scrumptious cooking.

We are staying in the second floor of the house, my brother's family lives on the third floor.

After catching up on a few things and discussing breakfast arrangements, we retired for the night.

Location:Fern Road, Kolkata

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