Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kolkata Time

Friday February 14:
We got ready and came upstairs around 8:00 am, we were shortly treated to toast with butter and jam, eggs over easy and great latte.

Typically coffee means latte here unless we specifically ask for black coffee with milk separately.

After discussing Sunday's get together with the caterers, went shopping in the morning followed by lunch at Zaranj, and visit Sudip's aunt (Bashi Pishi) in the afternoon.

Dinner courtesy of SIL

Saturday February 15:
Visiting relatives.
Started to rain at night and continued through the night until Sunday mid morning.

Sunday February 16
There is get together of about 25, at the house. All of which of course are my relatives. We had a great time although this caterer's cooking wasn't as good as the last one's was. 

Monday February 17 &
Tuesday February 18
More relative visiting, more eating and great conversations.

Wednesday February 19:
Had lunch a friend's house and visited for a while. Fantastic fish tikia and malpoa.

Stopped at Sudip's cousin house house for late tea and more delicious food.

Finally arrived home and was compelled to skip dinner.

Thursday February 20:
Today is Baruipur day. Baruipur takes about a couple of hours one way but well worth the trip. This place belongs to my uncle's family, a dentist who gave up his successful practice to become a gentleman farmer. He had a huge property and a beautiful bungalow that we looked forward to as a peaceful respite from the hustle bustle of Kolkata. Every time I come here I re live my great childhood memories.

We spend a wonderful day there, as usual ate a lot and also got to visit my youngest uncle who was recovering from a broken femur.

My cousin lives here with his family and all of them, including my newly married niece's husband are such a pleasure to spend time with

Friday February 21:
My niece brought radhaballavi with spicy potatoes. This is a type of fried flat bread stuffed with spicy lentils, one of my childhood faves.

Today's plans are to have lunch of shorse ilish (Hilsha fish in mustard sauce) with my cousin and his wife from across the street. My SIL, cooked the dish and was excellent. We chatted until about 4:00 PM and then left to do some last minute shopping and visiting one last relative. This was a person who played a key role in hubby getting into engineering school after he came back from Glasgow. I am glad we made contact, he (Bhaduda) was really happy to see us.

Back home, in time for another scrumptious home cooked meal.

Saturday February 22:
I did as much packing as possible before going upstairs for breakfast.

Tried to catchup with my blog after breakfast, In between gabbing and official discussions.

Had lunch of luchi and mangsa (goat meat), a tradition before leaving for the US. It appears that today is much warmer, maybe finally Kolkata will be out of lower than average temps and longer than average winter.

The plans are to leave at 3:45 local time. We left on time, there was very little traffic and we got there a bit too early. Luggage check in, immigration and security was smooth.

The flight left on time AB 321, seats 9A, 9B. Arrived at New Delhi on time. We had to go through security again but it was swift and efficient.

The flight to Chicago leaves at 2:00 AM not too bad an wait.

We boarded the plane Boeing 777 ER seats 18J and K, on time but waited at the gate for 2 hours, waiting for one of the connecting flights to arrive. I was fast asleep and have a vague recollection of taking off.

This flight keeps getting longer the more we take it. It is a very tiring flight and causes a number on the body.

We did get served three full meals, dinner, breakfast, and lunch during the flight, and finally arrived at O'Hare 7:30 am, just an hour late. Waited a long time for the luggage but breezed through customs and Immigrations and was able to catch the 8:20 am Wisconsin Coach Lines bus. 

Sanjit was waiting to pick us up at the Racine stop, shortly there after we were home. The weather was still cold and dreary but it was good to be home.

All in all it was great trip, time to start planning for our next one.

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