Saturday, March 15, 2014

The End!!!

Overall this was a great trip but our travel agent, Compass India botched up way too many things and I wouldn't recommend going with them any more

Taking them out of the equation, this was a must see trip and of course the Kolkata visit at the end of the trip spending time with family and friends friends is always the icing on the cake.

The two wildlife sanctuaries were very different in all respects but both a must see. Tadoba is just beginning to gain popularity and the mammals are not shy or skittish yet, I am glad we went there before that happens.

Corbett is well established and due to various factors including terrain foliage, not to mention poaching the tigers are extremely hard to see. We were very fortunate to see a tiger and a perfect hunt sequence there. The area is beautiful with its varied landscape and warm and friendly people and well worth the trip.

A couple of observation about Compass India:

We first started with them in 2008, it was small family owned company and well managed, now it has grown quite big and the owner rarely gets involved the clients. They are also doing a lot of cost cutting resulting in lesser hotels, buying airline tickets last minute, not paying the resort owners in time etc. Yet we paid in full 30 days before departure date as requested.

We are looking at other agents for our next trip.

Observations about the flight from Chicago to New Delhi and return:

This is a non-stop flight on Air India around 14-16 hours. It is very taxing on ones's body, my knees and neck bothered me for well over a week both times. I suppose it is very convenient if you are traveling with small children to not have to wait at transit lounges but I personally would much rather have a break at around mid

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